Tracker 220 Series

A Range of High Accuracy Universal Input Digital Panel Meters for Temperature and Process Measurement.

Tracker 220

  • High Accuracy
  • Universal Input
  • 0.02% Accuracy
  • Modbus Communications

High Accuracy Universal Input Digital Panel Meters for Temperature and Process Measurement

You can find out more about the applications for the Tracker 220, for example as a digital temperature gauge, by visiting our applications section. You can download related documentation from the area to the left or contact us without obligation to discuss your requirements further.

  • Universal Input
  • Analogue Output
  • Digital Status Inputs
  • Transmitter & Transducer Supplies
  • 4 Alarm Set-points
  • Wide Ranging Power Input
  • IP65 Front Panel
  • Standard 1/8 DIN Size
  • Red or Green LED Display
  • rogrammable Function Buttons
  • Maths Functions
  • Serial Communications

Universal Input

You can connect any of the Tracker 220 series of digital panel meters to most process sensors including thermocouples, RTDs, 20mA, 100mV and 10VDC signals. All twenty of the thermosensor ranges have built-in linearisation. Automatic or external cold junction compensation and upscale or downscale sensor break detection for thermocouples can be selected by the user. The panel meter display can display temperatures in °C, °F or Kelvin (Absolute), with the decimal point position being user-adjustable to give the required measurement resolution. Process inputs can be scaled to any engineering units and can be linear, mapped to one of the thermosensor linearisation curves or be user linearised using the 24-point user linearisation feature.

Sensor Excitation

All Tracker 220 digital panel meters are fitted with a electrically isolated 24 volt DC output to power a single 20mA 2-wire transmitter. In addition, the Tracker 221 and 222 panel meters have a 10V regulated supply and the Tracker 223 and 224 are fitted with a programmable 0-12 volt DC regulated output to power strain gauge-type sensors including load cells.

Analogue Output

The Tracker 223 and 224 digital panel meters are fitted with an electrically isolated analogue output which cab be configured as 0-10 volt, 0-20mA or 4-20mA and scaled over any portion of the display range. For example, it's possible to retransmit a type K thermocouple as a linear 4-20mA signal equivalent to 0-500°C to a chart recorder or data logger. The analogue output is linear to temperature (display value). The analogue output can transmit the measured value (PV) or the maximum, minimum or the averaged value and has its own damping filter for noisy or fast moving signals. Alternatively it's possible to control the analogue output of the panel meter via the serial communication interface.

User Linearisation

Some applications require a special linearisation curve to be defined by the user. A typical example is tank contents measurement where you can measure the level of a liquid but this is not linear to volume (e.g. litres) due to the shape of the tank. User linearisation allows you to define up to 24 calibration points which the signal value can be entered manually or, for greater accuracy, read directly from the sensor output.


Each of the Tracker 220 series of panel meters has 4 software alarms which can be configured for alarm type (High/Low/Deviation), setpoint, on/off delay times and on/off hysteresis values. Alarms can be individually set to be latching or non-latching and to flash a message on the front panel display when in an alarm state. Any of the 4 software alarms can operate a relay on Tracker 222 and 224 models. In addition, a special AND function allows a relay to switch only if 2 or more alarm conditions are active. You can set the relays to be energised or de-energised in the alarm condition.

Front Panel Control

Full setup is available using the front panel buttons to step through a simple password protected menu. You can make some functions, such as alarm setpoints, directly available to an operator. Alternatively, we can supply the panel meters without front panel buttons.

User Definable Buttons

Two of the front panel buttons can be user programmed to provide one or more special functions such as:

  • Tare
  • Zero
  • Acknowledge - Reset Latched alarms
  • Reset Max Min Memory
  • Display Maximum PV/ Minimum PV/ Averaged PV/ All display segments (Lamp test)

Status (Logic) Inputs (Tracker 223 & 224)

Two status inputs are available allowing special functions to be switched remotely by volt free contacts or open collector TTL outputs. The functions available are:

  • Tare
  • Zero
  • Acknowledge - Reset Latched alarms
  • Alarm Disable
  • Display Maximum PV/ Minimum PV/ Averaged PV/ All display segments (Lamp test)
  • Reset Max Min Memory
  • Key Lock - Disables front panel keys
  • Analogue output hold
  • Display Hold

Serial Communications

All T220 series panel meters have a RS485 serial interface. All measured values and setup parameters are accessible. Four communication protocols are available including MODBUS RTU and Datatrack's ASCII based protocol which has been easy to implement. The display, analogue output and relay outputs can all be controlled via the serial interface.

Universal Power Input

Wide-ranging 90-265V AC input allows world-wide installation. Low voltage 12-32 VAC/DC input version is also available.


The flat recessed display, together with high brightness red or green LEDs ensure maximum visibility of the digital panel meter, even in difficult ambient lighting conditions.