Tracker 280 Series

Dual Input Panel Meter for Pulse Counting and Rate Measurement.

Tracker 280

  • Timer / Counter Meter
  • Dual Input
  • 6 Digit Display

Digital Panel Meter for Frequency, Counter, Timer, Flow Rate, Batching & Encoder Applications.

The Tracker 280 digital for demanding industrial applications that use sensors with AC or pulse outputs, including encoders. The Tracker 280 is suitable for use as a frequency meter, pulse counter, timer, flow rate indicator, totaliser and math derived totals (i.e. A-B).

  • Dual Input
  • Standard 1/8th DIN size
  • Transducer Supplies
  • Bright 6-Digit Display
  • Isolated Analogue Output
  • User Scaling for Frequency and Pulses
  • User Definable Panel Buttons Functions
  • Serial Communications - Modbus
  • IP65 Front Panel
  • Universal Mains Power Input
  • Up to 4 Alarm / Batch Control Outputs
  • Totalisation to 12 Digits
  • User Definable Logic Inputs

Applications for the Tracker 280 digital panel meter include:

  • Pulse Totalisation - Pulses scaled to engineering units
  • Pulse Rate - Scaled pulses for rate (e.g. Litres per minute)
  • Frequency Measurement - Scalable to engineering units (e.g. rpm)
  • Up/Down Counting (Uses both channels)
  • Batch control
  • Position Measurement with encoders (Uses both channels)
  • Encoder quadrature measurement (Uses both channels)
  • Timing

Maths functions include:

  • Pulse Totalisation - Pulses scaled to engineering units
  • Tare, zero, pre-set, Max /Min
  • Channel 1 + Channel 2, Channel 1 - Channel 2
  • Elapsed time, Total Time, Average Time
  • Period cycle time, Ratio of a period, Ratio channel 1 v Channel 2

The Tracker 280 panel meter for pulse generating sensors including AC magnetic pickups and encoders. You can scale the input(s) to display values in your preferred engineering units. You are able to use the internal crystal controlled clock or calibrate to a known external standard. Transducer excitation as standard, giving 5 or 12V DC. An 8-point user linearisation feature can be used to compensate for non-linear sensor outputs in frequency (i.e. turbine flow meters) and timer applications.

The dual channels allow encoder measurement offering bi-directional pulse counting. A further 4 times resolution is available when used in Quadrature Mode.

For counting applications a rate can be derived and from a rate measurement a total can be derived.

Serial Communications

A RS422/485 2 or 4-wire serial communications interface is standard. This can be used for configuration and allows computer-based systems to read values (e.g. the measured value) and write values (e.g. alarm setpoints) to and from the instrument at run time. The Tracker 280 supports 4 protocols including the widely used MODBUS-RTU.

Alarm and Batching Control Outputs (T284 & T285)

The Tracker 284 panel meter is fitted with two relay outputs and the Tracker 285 has four TTL outputs. Alarm set-points can be adjusted at the time of configuration and can be password protected or adjusted freely using the buttons on the front panel. Each alarm can be in High, Low or Deviation types with independent delay times for both on and off conditions and can be latching.

Outputs can be also configured to be a pulse dividers generating a pulse each time a multiple of a set value is reached. This is useful for dosing applications where an additive is to delivered ratiometricaly to a flow rate.

For batching applications the outputs are used to sequentially switch as the batching action progresses.

Analogue Output

The Tracker 280 can transmit a measured value as a 0 to 10 volt, 0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA signal to an other device such as a chart recorder or data logger. The fully isolated output can be scaled for any portion of the display range e.g. 4-20mA = 500.00 to 800.00 (Litres/Hr).

Universal Power Input

Wide ranging 90–265V AC input allows world-wide installation.

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